Strategic goal: Coordinate solutions concerning DataManagement and large data amounts

The amount of research data is continously growing, and the requirements for long-term preservation are increasing. The ability to retrive, reuse and share data across research groups is also a criteria. The interest and the need for solutions are urgent in the institutions.

Stakeholders: The universities, the research libraries and other research institutions

Challenge: To create a national sustainable solution quickly
  • Establish a national strategy for DataManagement
  • Develop a common national solution 
  • Actively follow the international development in the area 
  • Ensure that a national strategy is compatible with international initiatives.
  • Establish cooperation with ESS-DMSC


Universities Denmark, an organisation that works to enhance the cooperation, visibility and impact of the nations eight universities, has on the 12 th of November 2013 processed a proposal from DeIC and DEFF (Denmark’s Electronic Research Library) regarding the  drafting of a national strategy and course of action on the subject of data management.
The recommendation was to draft action plans and economical estimates for a number of strategic focus areas which - seen collectively – will represent the national strategy on data management.
The proposal is the culmination of three meetings with stakeholders including representatives from the eight danish universities, the university libraries, the Danish State Archives, the Danish Data Archives, the Danish Council for Independent Research, DEFF, the Digital Humanities Laboratory (DigHumLab) and DeIC.
With terms of reference already in place, a governing board for the execution of the drafting a national data management strategy will be appointed mid-December 2013. The conclusions of the governing board will go out to consulation within the Danish Unversities no later than the 1st of April 2014.
DeIC and DEFF sponsor the drafting of the strategy.