DKCERT (Computer Security Incident Response Team) follows the security on the Danish Research Network and offers through DeIC a range of services to increase the security on the network. .

The connected institutions are responsible for their own security, but DKCERT can help, if problems arise. DKCERT can also help develop the institutions security policy perform IT audits and consultancies within IT security. 

Handling of Security Incidents

The institution website is taken over by hackers, who have written political propaganda on the pages. What can you do? Call +45 35 88 82 55 and talk to DKCERT.

If the institutions is under attack, DKCERT will contact the responsible for the part of the internet the attack is coming from. 

  Handling of security incidents

Security Information

Each week DKCERT informs about the latest news from the IT security world in the newsletter.

  Information (newsletter, trend reports, news and articles)

Monitoring of Vulnarbilities

Almost all attacks from hackers uses security holes. With DKCERT vulnarbility warning service the insitutions will be notified as soon as a new security holes is known, making it possible to close them before they are used for attacks.

  Monitoring of vulnarbilities/Vulnarbility database

Server Scanning

Are your network and systems secure? DKCERT scans them in the same way the hackers would use. The result is a report with solutions for securing the systems and closing the security holes.