DeiC National HPC Center, University of Southern Denmark

DeiC National HPC Center, University of Southern Denmark, is a supercomputer with 14,016 processor cores. It may be used for a broad spectrum of demanding data processing workloads.

In order to expand the use of eScience to a broad spectrum of research areas, DeiC in cooperation with the University of Southern Denmark has established a national supercomputing center at the university in the city of Odense. The supercomputer is called ABACUS 2.0. It was inaugurated on the 24. March, 2015, and extended with further 192 slim nodes in May 2016.

ABACUS 2.0 has 14,016 processor cores and a theoretical performance of 766 teraflop/s.

Køling i supercomputeren

The center is financed via a donation of DKK 15 million (2 million Euro) from DeiC and a loan of DKK 20 million (2.7 million Euro) provided by the university. The loan will be paid back through purchase of computing resources: The University of Southern Denmark will buy compute time for DKK 3.75 million per year over a four year period. Aarhus University is to buy for DKK 1.25 million per year, while Aalborg University has committed to DKK 0.25 million per year.

The other Danish universities have signed a declaration of interest in using the facility.

The collaboration with the University of Southern Denmark about establishing a national HPC center began after DeiC had requested feedback from universities and other relevant parties about national cooperation within the HPC area.

The computer system was specified in collaboration with the University of Southern Denmark, the eScience Committee, and the DeiC HTP TekRef.

Facts about ABACUS 2.0

ABACUS 2.0 - DeiC National HPC Centre, SDU

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The following movie was made before the extension in May 2016.