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Access a Video Conference Meeting

Access your meeting room

Use one of the following methods to access your meeting room

The following example shows dial-in to meeting room number (ID): 660001

A. Dial in to (IP): Dial 0 on the reception page followed by 660001#

Alternatively, call directly to meeting room via:

B. Dial in to (GDS): 0045 10 660001 (endpoint has to be registered on a gatekeeper)

C. Dial in to (ID): 660001 (endpoint has to be registered on DeiCs gatekeeper)

Next enter the pass code (PIN), i.e. 1293 (if pass code is used)

Additional information for meeting hosts

If you are a meeting host or manager, you may need the public IP address of videoconferencing units of the meeting attendees (for extra security).

A meeting host can often pull an endpoint into the meeting room by dialing the public IP address of the endpoint. In Scopia Desktop, this can be done via the menu: Moderate > Invite. Scopia Desktop

18 Oct 2017