eScience Competence Center

DeiC eScience Competence Center works to dissiminate the use of eScience in Denmark. The Competence Center gathers knowledge of the use of eScience and collaborates with the universities to spread this knowledge to the benefit of all researchers.

The competence center is a virtual unit. Knowledge about eScience exists at the universities. Therefore the purpose of the competence center is to collaborate with the universities to spread the knowledge nationally and across research areas.  


The competence center has a row of activites to dissiminate the use of e-infrastructures and eScience.

Seminars and courses

To spread the knowledge of eScience and the use of digital methods in research, DeiC arranges - preferably together with universities - seminars with inspiration from researchers already using eScience.

We also collect information about relevant courses in Denmark and our Nordic neighbors through NeIC.

eScience Knowledge Portal

A national eScience knowledge portal is one of the tools the eScience competence center uses to spread the word about eScience. The portal contains information about eScience tools and resources available to researchers. It is in Danish.