DeiC National Cultural Heritage Cluster

DeiC and the Royal Danish Library in Aarhus have established the DeiC National Cultural Heritage Cluster, a supercomputer with direct access to digitized cultural heritage data.

KulturarvsclusteretThe DeiC National Cultural Heritage Cluster at the Royal Danish Library in Aarhus is a supercomputer connected to several collections of digital content. It consists of 10 interconnected Dell PowerEdge R730-computers with a total of 360 CPU cores.

Using the cluster, researchers may access these collections:

  • A radio and TV collection of more than a million hours of Danish television and more than one and half million hours of radio shows broadcast from the 1980's through to today.
  • A web archive with more than 20 billion objects collected from the Danish part of the internet since 2005.
  • A digital newspaper collection with so far 11 million pages from the 1700's through to today.

The collections also contain metadata about the contents. More than four petabytes of data are available for researchers.

Researchers may use software based on the IBM BigInsights platform, Platform Symphony and Spectrum Scale.

Data is stored in an EMC Isilon system with a capacity of 1.6 PB, and an EMC VNX with 200 TB. A tape system with to tape robots is also used.

Further information

DeiC National Cultural Heritage Cluster

Contact: Per Møldrup-Dalum, Royal Danish Library,