is a service for storing, sharing, synchronizing and searching data. is focused on researchers' need for research data management. Users may store data that is automatically synchronized between the user's devices. Synchronization may also be deselected, so that mobile devices are not filled with large amounts of data.

Users must be connected to a Danish academic institution. However, users may invite guests. Users are authenticated using WAYF.

Payment model

Users are divided into two categories:

  1. Users at an institution that has agreed with DeiC to use These users log on using WAYF. Their institution pays for their usage of the service.
  2. Users at an institution without an agreement with DeiC about using may enter into an individual user agreement with DeiC. These users normally log in using WAYF. They receive individual bills for using the service.

In addition, other payment models may be agreed upon for development projects. In all cases, all users must be well-identified persons.


Prices depend upon the amount of storage space used:

  1. Data storage costs DKK 2 pr. gigabyte pr. year (excl. VAT).
  2. Users are not charged for user registration, data transport and other elements of the service.
  3. Users are billed once a quarter.
  4. Bills of amounts less than DKK 25 are not generated.

Because of the final point, usage of less than 50 GB under an individual agreement is free.

Partners is developed in cooperation with AARNet (Australia’s Academic and Research Network). is based on open source software: OwnCloud, FreeBSD, ZFS, Apache, and PHP.

Migration to has been redesigned with new features, e.g. ORCID access, publish to Zenodo, options for standard/user defined metadata schemas, safe collaboration/data sharing with external partners and a lot more. Existing users will moved to the new version of the service - - in phases. See for more information.