Scopia - Video conferencing

The DeiC video conferencing service under Scopia is based upon the international standard H.323.

All users of the videoconferencing service at DeiC can set up a multipoint video conference via a MCU (video server), hosted and operated by NORDUnet.

Users can access virtual meeting rooms via videoconferencing equipment, their own computer, a tablet or a smartphone. For the latter, the application Scopia Desktop/Mobile will automatically be installed when entering the meeting room.

Virtual meeting rooms

You can easily access pre-existing meeting rooms:

Contact DeiC, if you need a permanent meeting room for your meetings (see contact info below).

Creating meetings

Next, you can access the meeting room via a computertablet or smartphonevideoconferencing unit or ordinary telephone .

Rooms, equipment and local resources

DeiC collects information about video conferencing facilities at your organisation. If specific information about your organisation is not listed here, you contact the support functions at your local organisation. 


If your institution is not on the list, you can contact DeiC for further information: mail  or phone +45 35 88 82 35.


You can always contact DeiC for assistance mail, or phone +45 35 88 82 35.