DeiC offers three systems for hosting and streaming of video.

DeiC offers three solutions for mediahosting, on-demand video and streaming: Kaltura, Panopto and MediaSite.

The services are realized in cooperation with NORDUnet to ensure scaling across the Nordic region.

This enables DeiC to make reasonable prices for the solutions and ensure that content stays on servers in the Nordic region.

The choice between Kaltura, Panopto and MediaSite is a choice between three different systems, each with their strengths and focus.

DeiC offers a clarification process, where demands and requirements are priorities, along with introduction and test runs, securing the optimum choice of system. 

The systems evolve continuously in terms of functionality. Ultimately, it may be the price for the individual organizations that is decisive in choosing the right media hosting system.

On the underlying pages, you can read more about the systems in terms of functionality and price.