Network infrastructure

DeiC develops and runs forskningsnettet (the National Research and Education Network of Denmark). Forskningsnettet is a national network infrastructure connecting the universities and research institutions with a high speed and high capacity internet infrastructure, thereby supporting research and cooperation. Forskningsnettet also supplies connections to other national and international networks.

In addition to the network infrastructure DeiC also offers a wide range of other network related services. This includes coordination of the global wireless network for research and education, eduroam. 

Universities, research institutions and other public institutions and Danish companies with a considerable amount of research activities may connect to forskningsnettet. 


The Danish Research Network has its own fiber infrastructure with 1 Gbps and 10 Gbps Ethernet connections.

The Network Structure
Traffic and load
How to get connected
Payment model (only in Danish)


High Capacity Network for International Collaboration

DeiC collaborates with other international research networks to ensure high capacity internet connections to support international research collaboration.

NORDUnet - the connection to the other Nordic countries and the rest of the world
GÉANT - the pan-european research network 


Advanced Network Connections

DeiC delivers closed private connections for transport of sensitive data or connections with extra capacity for transport of large amounts of data. Contact us, if you have a project with special demands to the internet connection.

Closed point-to-point connections
Lightpath Service
Bandwidth on Demand

Eduroam - Wireless Network on Campus

Eduroam is a global service giving students and researchers from the participating institutions access to the internet just by opening their laptop - on campus and when visiting other connected institutions all over the world.  

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iPass - network on the go

iPass gives you cheap and secure internet at hotels, in airports and at conferences - when eduroam is not an option. 

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Network Services

Besides connection to the network DeiC offers a range of network-related services. Users connected to forskningsnettet have free access to the network services.

The network services