New national strategy for FAIR data management

Here you can find the draft of a new national strategy for data management based on the FAIR principles.

In the strategy for national cooperation on research infrastructure on which DeiC is based, it is recommended to prepare a new national data management strategy, based on the FAIR principles. The Danish Agency for Education and Research has asked DeiC to lead this work, and such a strategy is expected to be completed in the summer of 2021.

The strategy targets research institutions and research funding foundations. It defines a number of principles and associated areas of action that can strengthen the dissemination and financing of good data management practices, resulting in more FAIR research data (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable) in Denmark.

The strategy is part of the implementation of the EU directive on open data and the Danish implementation of this in the PSI Act. It must thus contribute to meeting the expectations of research and society for increasing accessibility of publicly funded research.

Once the strategy has been finalized and published, the plan is to follow up with an implementation plan. A consultation period has been completed, and the strategy is right now under final editing. You can read the draft that was in consultation here:

The document has been prepared by two working groups set up by DeiC’s board, at the request of the Danish Agency for Education and Research.

The members of the FAIR Strategy Steering Committee Institution
Professor John Renner Hansen, København Universitet DeiC
Universitetsdirektør Kirsten Winther Jørgensen, CBS DeiC
Rigsarkivar Anne-Sofie Jensen Rigsarkivet
Vicedirektør Kira Stina Hansen Det Kgl. Bibliotek
Kontorchef Lars Christensen Styrelsen for Forskning og Uddannelse
Anders Sparre Conrad Sekretariatsbetjening
The members of the Working Group FAIR Finances Institution
John Renner Hansen Renner@adm.ku.dkt DeiC
Ole Skøtt  DeiC
Thomas Midtgaard  SFU
Johanne Thorup Dalgaard Danmarks Frie Forskningsfond
Birgit Pedersen Danmarks Frie Forskningsfond
Maja Horst Danmarks Frie Forskningsfond
Steen Markus  Grundforskningsfonden

Søren Degn-Pedersen 


Thomas Brandt Nielsen

Ulrik Nicolai de Lichtenberg Novo Nordisk Fonden
Jan Egebjerg Lundbeck Fonden
(Lars Hansen Observatør, Velux Foundations
Thomas Buchvald Vind SDU
The members of the FAIR Strategy Working Group Institution
Anders Sparre Conrad Formand DeiC
Birte Christensen Dalsgaard DeiC
Mette Hall-Andersen Rigsarkivet
Bjarne Andersen Det Kgl. Bibliotek
Thomas Midtgaard SFU
Bartlomiej Wilkowsk Statens Serum Institut
Ebbe Villadsen Nationale Forskningscenter for Arbejdsmiljø (NFA)
Martin Sønderholm GEUS
Adam Arndt Digitaliseringsstyrelsen
Ivan Thaulow Danmarks Statistik
Niels Ploug Stedfortræder, Danmarks Statistik
Solveig Vibe-Petersen Stedfortræder, Danmarks Statistik

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Revised 13/01/21

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