Strategic goal:Ensure Establishment of Relations and e-Infrastructures for International Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing

Danish researchers participate in international projects and collaborate with international partners. To a great extent, they also use research resources in other countries.

DeiC facilitates international collaboration by delivering supporting e-infrastructures such as:

  • International network connections with high capacity.
  • International collaboration on identity management.
  • Services facilitating online meetings and collaboration.

In addition DeiC participates actively in international forums with the purpose of gaining insight into the international development of e-infrastructures. Here DeiC also collects information about the possibilities and challenges for Danish researchers in gaining access to international e-infrastructures.

DeiC is seeking to benefit from the synergies that can be obtained through co-operation with the European Spallation Source Data Management and Software Center (ESS-DMSC) in Copenhagen.


  • Ensure the necessary e-infrastructures for international collaboration.
  • Handle the Danish participation in strategic relevant international collaborations and development projects.
  • Establish cooperation with ESS-DMSC.
  • Facilitate Danish researchers' access to big international infrastructure projects.