Strategic goal: Disseminate the Use of eScience

As a central part of DeiC's mandate from the Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation and in the agreement with the university rectors, is the expectation that eScience is disseminated to more research groups than today.

EScience should especially be disseminated in the humanities, social sciences and health science areas.

The natural and technical science areas have a stronger tradition of using eScience in research projects and in international collaboration in the area. But also in these areas there are groups that may profit from using eScience.

It is estimated that there is a huge untapped potential to achieve results through the use of eScience, also on an international level.

It a core task for DeiC to deliver a targeted effort to disseminate the existing national and international knowledge on eScience, and to provide assistance to get started with eScience projects.

DeiC has established an eScience Competence Center that aims to inspire and guide researchers on eScience in collaboration with the universities.


  • Ensure collaboration with each university in the activities of the competence center.
  • Facilitate knowledge exchange on the use of e-infrastructures and resources in eScience.
  • Ensure the offer of training in eScience to young researchers in collaboration with the universities.