Data Storage and Research Data Management

Research data management deals with storing, sharing, finding and re-using data from scientific research.

part of image by Duncan Hull    CC BY 2.0

CC BY 2.0 by Duncan Hull

The amount of research data is increasing, as are the requirements for long-term preservation of the data. Solutions to store, share, re-find and re-use research data are important for the institutions and for the research and society as a whole.

DeiC and DEFF (Denmarks Electronic Research Library) have - in collaboration with the eight Danish universities and the preservation institutions (the Royal Library, the State and University Library, and the Danish National Archives) - decided to finance combined efforts in the area of approx. 40 mio. DKK in 2015–2018.

A National Strategy for Research Data Management

In February 2014 The Danish Rectors College, DeiC and DEFF etablished ”The Steering Group for National Data Management” with members appointed from Universities Denmark, the Danish Royal Library, The State and University Library and the Danish National Archives with the purpose to ensure that Denmark, in a collaboration between the prime stakeholders, got a national strategy for research data management. 

The vision is to ensure Denmark a better and more competitive research through efficient collection, securing, dissimination and re-use of relevant research data. 

The strategy was adopted by DeiC and DEFF end December 2014.

Organisation of the National Research Data Management Effort

The local, national, and international efforts under the strategy justify a national management structure. It is described here. DeiCs and DEFFs existing governance structure has been expanded with

  • A National Forum for Research Data Management (list of members)
  • A Technical Reference Group for Research Data Management [DM TekRef] - open for all interested parties
  • Management Change Advisory Board for Research Data Management [DM LedelsesCAB]  (list of members)

Projects and pilots

The DeiC board of directors and the DEFF steering committee have decided to support a number of project activities: 

  • Infrastructure pilot projects [ CALL INVITATION ]
  • A feasibility study prior to the creation of a cloud-based facility for safe storage and exchange of academic data
  • Data Management i Praksis 

Data Management Services

DeiC services:

  • – an online data storage and synchronization service for secure sharing and accessing active research data and store large data sets. The service in in pilot-production.
  • FileSender – a web basered application for secure transfer of files to big to be encluded in standard mail clients.