Joint Nordic tender for voice-to-text services

It has become common to systematically use automated speech-to-text tools for many purposes.

It can be documentation of interviews you have conducted in a research project, or it can be texting teaching videos automatically. The latter has also become a requirement.

In 2021, universities will share some licenses with KONCH, and it has become an option to purchase AmberScript for DeiC's Kaltura service.


Prices - Panopto


Price and terms of payment

Panopto is not part of the bundled payment of the base network connection, but has its own price.

The price depends on the total number full time students (FTE), and next introductory prices for larger organisations.

The following are price examples for 2,000, 7,000, 13,000 FTEs, as well as storage examples of 1,000, 2,000 and 5,000 GB.



Thorkild Jensen, +45 2363 9824 (weekdays 8-17.00)
E-mail: Support
Switchboard: +45 3588 8202 (weekdays 8.30-16.30)
Service call number 24/7: Can only be obtained for service desk personnel at your institution. 



Get started


Get Started


1. User organisations and users wanting to use Panopto, can contact

DeiC offers a clarification process with regard to selecting the right media hosting system, whether it be Panopto, Kaltura or Mediasite

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