Lightpath Service

Lighpaths are dedicated end-to-end connections between two locations with a standard capacity of 1 Gbit/sec.

A lightpath is used for transport of huge amounts of data.

What is a lightpath?

Lighpaths or lambdas are dedicated end-to-end connections between two locations with a standard capacity of 1 Gbit/sec.

DeiC offers 10 Gbit/s lighpaths or alternative solutions acoording to your need.

A lightpath can connect two institutions connected to Forskningsnettet, or two institutions where one of them is connected to Forskningsnettet and the other is connected to one of our international partners. 

A lightpath are typically used for exchange large amounts of data, for real time visualization and for remote management of equipment. When the traffic runs in a separate line, it can not be disturbed by other users. 

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How long does it take to establish a lightpath?

We expect that in the near future the users will be able to establish their own lightpath in an automated and dynamic way. 

To day the goal is to establish a fully functional lightpath within three weeks for national connections . This applies from the time the institutions and DeiC has approved the applications for a lightpath between the two institutions. Lightpaths for insitutions connedcted to Forskningsnettet can be established for a period from 6 month several years..

Lightpaths connections to institutions in other european countriesare expected to be established within five weeks. Connections to institutions outside Europe can take a little longer. 

What is the price?

For institutions connected to Forskningsnettet establishments of Lightpaths are included in the subscription.

  • Set-up
  • Maintanence
  • Support til to the institutions.

Note that if the subscription fee is based on the numbers of transponder sets used at the institutions at the beginning of a year. This means that in most cases a 1 Gbit/s lightpaths between two institutions will be for free, whereas a 10 Gbit/sek lightpath or extra lightpaths to secure redundancy might result in an increase in the subscription fee. The same applies for international connections. 

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What does it take to establish a lightpath?

Establishment of a lightpath connection between two institutions has four phases: 

Phase 1:  Basic information
The basic information about the desired connections should be mailes to DeiCs Lightpath Service,

You should provide a permit for the connection from you own it-department and from the partner institution, even if foreign. 

DeiC Lightpath Service needs the following informations to start the establisment of the connection: 

  • Your name, or the name of the person responsible for the project
  • The name of your institution
  • The technical contact person at your institution
  • A short description of your project
  • Information about your project partner/the other user, that your want a connection to (the same informations; name, institution, technical contact person)
  • For how long do you need the connection (minimum 6 month)
  • Required capacity (a standard lightpath is 1 Gbit/s)

Phase 2: Feasibility study
When we have received the information, we evaluate if it is technical possible to establish the connection. It depends on the connection your institution has to Forskningsnettet and the connection your partner institutions has to Forskningsnettet or one of our international partner institutions.  

Forskningsnettets optical backbone   

Phase 3: The lightpath is established
If it is technically possibel (which in the most cases), DeiC will establish a lightpath between your institutions PoP (Point of Presence) on Forskningsnettet and your partner institution PoP on Forskningsnettet or the international network. DeiC will support the it-department at your institution and your partner institution to extend the lightpath from the PoP to you and the other user at the partner institution in a satisfactory manner. 

For international connections, DeiC will negotiate with the international partner to establish the lightpath, and if nessescary support the local it-department in the same way as a national partner.  

Phase 4: The lightpath is ready for use
The lightpath is now ready for use in a period of 6 month to several years.