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14 Sep 2021
Apply for HPC resources from PRACE in the 24th call
The call for proposals for TIER-0 systems is now open. The deadline for submitting is the 2nd of November 2021.
23 Aug 2021
Survey to uncover needs for HPC, AI and HPDA resources and training
The EuroCC project has launched a survey designed to identify which needs the Danish academic and industrial community has with regard to HPC, AI and HPDA resources and training.
30 Jun 2021
EuroCC outreach educate hundreds of researchers on HPC
One work package alone has educated more than 400 researchers, students and staff across the different Danish universities on HPC.
08 Jun 2021
Danish research benefits extremely well from PRACE
For the past 10 years Denmark was awarded compute time through the Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe corresponding to 30.000 years of calculations using a single laptop. Thereby creating otherwise unobtainable information for Danish researchers.
21 May 2021
The first Danish LUMI projects have been chosen
The four Danish pilot projects for the LUMI supercomputer have been chosen and are expected to run at LUMI already after summer.
11 May 2021
Visit the Danish EuroCC website
Find which HPC that best suits your needs, read up on project results and discover what kind of materials and information to expect from the project.
07 May 2021
The EuroHPC systems are open and you can already apply for calculation time
On March 1, the first of the EuroHPC facilities were opened, and now it is also open to apply for computing time.
04 May 2021
Improve your research impact: Participate in a Metadata for Machines Workshop
One Danish research group can get the unique opportunity to make their metadata machine actionable in a 2 x 1/2 day event - free of charge. The concept is developed by researchers for researchers.
04 May 2021
DeiC annual report 2020 is ready
In the annual report, you can read the status of the past year and get an overview of the economy.
03 May 2021
DKCERT's trend report 2021 is out now
The threat to the sector remains very high.