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DeiC Dataverse

The national DeiC Dataverse will be established to support a national data management infrastructure, that ensure all researchers in Denmark the possibility to publish and archive their data and metadata.

The new national repository, called DeiC Dataverse, gives all researchers in Denmark access to a secure way to publish and archive their data. DeiC Dataverse will be established as a trusted Digital Repository (TDR). The service will be based on the existing open source IT-system Dataverse, developed by Harvard University. Dataverse already has many installations at various research institutions and a broad international community.

Will help make data more FAIR

With the increased focus on FAIR data and the possibility of reusing data, there is a growing need for access to publish FAIR (meta)data. The DeiC Dataverse will remedy that, and the researchers will be able to use it in their work to make data FAIR, e.g. by adding metadata and persistent identifiers (DOI).

Establishing a national repository is an important step in the implementation of the "National Strategy for data management based on the FAIR principles". DeiC Dataverse will use the national service called DeiC Storage and DeiC Sensitive Storage for preservation of data files.

DeiC Dataverse will be established and operated by the University of Copenhagen and the University Library of Copenhagen, while it will be the universities' Front Offices that will support the use of the services at the individual universities.

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17 May 2023