Supercomputing (HPC)

Supercomputing, High Performance Computing (HPC), helps researchers find answers in huge and complex datasets.

Supercomputing may be used in all research areas: to find genetic connections causing cancer, and ways to cure it. To find data that may predict weather conditions with catastrophic impact in order to reduce the consequences. HPC can identify patterns in literary works, analyse big amounts of data generated by internet use, and much more.

HPC finds structures in data and generates new research results.

The National HPC Center, SDU

The National HPC Center at the University of Southern Denmark with the computer Abacus 2.0 is designed to meet the demands from a broad spectrum of Danish research.

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National LifeScience Supercomputer, DTU

The supercomputer at DTU Risø called "Computerome" is especially designed to be used by researchers within the life-science area. Research in this area places special demands on the amount of online data and the speed of transfer between the storage and the compute facility. 

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National Cultural Heritage Cluster

DeiC has established a national cultural heritage cluster in cooperation with the Royal Danish Library in Aarhus. The cluster lets researchers perform data mining in the Danish digital cultural heritage available at the Royal Danish Library in Aarhus.

More about the DeiC National Cultural Heritage Cluster

PRACE - European HPC resources

DeiC is the Danish national member of the European Research Infrastructure on advanced computing, PRACE. The membership makes it possible for Danish researchers to apply for advanced HPC resources in the annual PRACE calls. 

PRACE - European HPC Resources

Dellingr - a Nordic project on HPC resource sharing

The participating countries in the NeiC projekt on resource sharing have all contributed with HPC resources. The resources can be applied for by Nordic researchers.  

Apply for Nordic HPC resourcest (link to the eScience Knowledge portal)