How to get access to HPC Type 1

Here you can read the guide on how to get access to HPC Type 1. This instruction is valid until March 2021.

Access here: (You will be redirected to UCloud at SDU)


Instructions for HPC users

If you have been allocated resources:

  1. Go to
  2. Login with your WAYF account.
  3. Start your apps and use the system.

If you haven't been allocated HPC resources and want to apply:

  1. Go to
  2. Login with your WAYF account.
  3. Find your Type1 username: Click on your name in the lower left corner in UCloud. 
  4. Click on your username and it will now be available in your clipboard e.g.: EskeHjalmerBergishagenChristiansen#8521
  5. Send your username to your resource provider, which typically will be the contact person in your local Front Office. It may differ from university to university though. But your local Front Office will know who is responsible for allocating resources. Find your local Front Office here:
  6. Wait for a project to be created on the Type 1 facility where you are involved and then start using the system as usual.

Are you involved in several projects?

Be aware that you can be involved in several projects and therefore must be mindful of which project you are using CPU time from.

Do you want to buy extra access?

  1. Find your Type 1 project name.
  2. Contact Back Office for Type 1. Find Back Office here:
  3. Determine any futher conditions with Back Office for your Type 1 request.

Instructions for the responsible allocator

Each university has been allocated a pool of HPC resources. It is from this pool which you take resources from when creating a new project to allocate time to new HPC users. Note that there are two pools of resources. One for storage and one for CPU time. You can contact the help desk or read the documentation at any time.

To allocate time:

  1. Create a new project. Use the project number template.
  2. Allocate time from the pool.
  3. Assign storage from the pool.
  4. Assign the project to one or more people based on UCloud usernames e.g.: EskeHjalmerBergishagenChristiansen#8521
  5. Send an e-mail to the user to inform, that the system is now ready.
Revised 21/01/21