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How to get access to HPC Type 1

Here you can read the guide on how to get access to HPC Type 1.

More detailed information is available in UCloud Documentation.

Access here: (You will be redirected to UCloud at SDU)

Access instructions

  1. Go to
  2. Login using your university credentials with WAYF.
  3. In UCloud use your access files and apps from your dashboard.

For more information see the Login description in the UCloud Documentation.

Resource allocation

  1. When you log into UCloud for the first time, a bonus gift in terms of storage space and compute node-hours is automatically assigned to the "My Workspace".
  2. You can apply for additional resources at any time by submitting a grant application to your local Front Office via the UCloud user interface.

For more information see the Grant Application in the UCloud Documentation.

Involved in multiple projects?

  1. On UCloud it is possible to create collaborative workspaces designed for teams and named projects. These spaces are suitable to accommodate complex research workflows and to share resources.
  2. To select which project to charge with your node-hours, use the drop-down menu in the upper left corner.

In UCloud, a project team can:

  • Store and manage big data.
  • Create groups of collaborators with different tasks.
  • Assign special permissions to access the data.
  • Distribute resources in subprojects.
  • Grant access to software licenses.
  • Submit grant applications to allocate new resources.

For more information see the Project Workspace in the UCloud Documentation.

If you have doubts about access, allocation, projects, or any other aspect of UCloud, please refer to the User Guide in the UCloud Documentation. For support regarding resource allocation and user training, please contact your local Front Office.

22 Jun 2022