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The Strategy for National Collaboration on Digital Research Infrastructure prepared by a Committee with members from the Ministry of Higher Education and Science and the Danish universities constitutes the framework for DeiC activities.

In January 2019 the Ministry of Higher Education and Science published "Strategi for Nationalt Samarbejde om Digital Forskningsinfrastruktur" (only in Danish)" meaning "Strategy for the National Collaboration on Digital Research Infrastructure". The strategy is developed by a committee with representatives from the universities and the Ministry. The DeiC Board has the task to prepare the transisition to a new organisation of the nationale collaboration on digital research infrastructure, based on the strategy.


Researchers at Danish universities must have access to a digital infrastructure, permitting world class research and education.


  • Researchers from all research areas must have acces to digital infrastructure on transparent terms.
  • There must be a clear and distinct division of roles and tasks between activities on the national level and institutional level.
  • Investments in costly digital infrastructure for research must be coordinated and utilized and operated efficiently.
  • A long-term sustainable and flexible collaboration must be established with a strong international foothold.
  • There must be stability around finances to ensure continuous modernization of technology and continuous competence development.
22 Mar 2022