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Basic Network Infrastructure

DeiC develops and runs forskningsnettet (the National Research and Education Network of Denmark). Forskningsnettet is a national network infrastructure connecting the universities and research institutions with a high speed and high capacity internet infrastructure, thereby supporting research and cooperation. Forskningsnettet also supplies connections to other national and international networks.
Foto: Torben B. Sørensen

In addition to the network infrastructure DeiC also offers a wide range of other network related services. This includes coordination of the global wireless network for research and education, eduroam. 

Universities, research institutions and other public institutions and Danish companies with a considerable amount of research activities may connect to forskningsnettet. 

Is your institution already on the Research Network?

You can see this in the list of connected institutions. 

If you are not on the Research Network, your institution can of course be connected and become part of the community. The Research Network is aimed at universities, research institutions, other public institutions and Danish companies with a significant research element. Colleges can also be connected to the research network. You can read about terms, payment model, terms of use and everything else in lower case under connection terms (Danish only)

You can also find the Research Network's agreement with the connected institutions on what level of service they can expect in a number of areas here.

My student accommodation would like to be on the Research Network

If you want to investigate the possibilities, then it is a good idea to contact the dormitory administrator to proceed with the project, as described on the page about connecting dormitories. 

I want to be on the research network no matter where I am No matter where you are in the world on the Internet, you can use the eduVPN service to get an address on the Danish Research Network. See more about eduVPN here.

I am a supplier and would like to provide services over the Research Network

If you are a supplier who would like to join the Research Network, you can find the details here.

How to use DeiC's services (abroad)

In connection with the Research Network, DeiC also operates a number of services. These are, for example, the internet connection eduroam, video conferencing systems, the login system WAYF and much more.

However, you do not need to be connected to the Research Network, because the services can actually be used anywhere in the world that is on the Internet. Some services are free, but for most, your institution must be connected. You can find a complete list and read more about the individual services here. 

If you are affiliated with a Danish institution, but move around the world a lot, you can via the Research Network's login service, WAYF, continue to use the services exactly as if you were in Denmark. If you are not part of the teaching or research environment, but are involved in projects or research collaborations with an academic institution, this will typically be able to help provide access to the services you need.

The Research Network is for you who are a researcher, student or employed at one of the connected institutions.

Contact us

If you want to know more, contact Martin Bech, head of the research network, or the generic mailbox at DeiC. We will then contact you to clarify the details.

02 Dec 2021