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DeiC service overview

DeiC offers a broad palette of services supporting eScience locally, nationally and internationally.
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New research results are increasingly being achieved through the use of digital data and tools.

It requires digital research infrastructure that can help ensure Danish researchers' opportunity to participate in international collaborations and achieve results at an international level.

DeiC is a virtual organization that aims to support Denmark as an eScience nation through the provision of digital infrastructure for research and research-based teaching.

Therefore, DeiC offers a number of services that complement the digital infrastructure at the Danish universities and other institutions within research and education.

Media hosting and online collaboration

Among the most popular services in DeiC are a number of services related to media hosting and to online meetings, conferences and teaching.

If you need to hold online meetings from your office with people from all over the world, or reach beyond the department's normal physical setting with online teaching, you can benefit from the following:

  • Zoom is really strong for synchronous meetings and teaching, where content only exists here and now, or where content is downloaded from other systems via screen sharing.
  • Adobe Connect is particularly strong for online teaching sessions, where content is arranged for a similar and shared display in the meeting room, both before, during and after the meeting.
  Adobe Connect Zoom

Teaching courses with lasting content in chat, texts, boards, files, etc., over good, stable networks.

Synchronous meetings and teaching, with fleeting, non-permanent chat, presentations, files, etc., possibly over fragile networks.


Everyone sees the same thing.

Everyone can decide their own setup.

All content, setup, structure and meetings can be copied and reused.

Recycling not possible. Whiteboard content, texts, setups and meeting rooms cannot be copied and reused.


Recording of all content, active recordings, auto-indexing, searchability, editing

Audio, video, screen only, inactive, non-searchable, non-editable recordings.

DeiC also offers two solutions for media hosting and on-demand video: Kaltura and Panopto.

The choice between Kaltura and Panopto is a choice between two different systems, each with their own strengths and focus areas.

  • Panopto provides the user with many tools for recording, editing, live streaming and redistribution of content, and does not require dedicated hardware solutions or long learning curves.
  • Kaltura is unique in terms of simple user solutions with the option of customizing portal solutions and players, for example in collaboration with a programmer and a web designer.

DeiC offers individual clarification courses with the user organizations, where needs and requirements, as well as introductions and test courses ensure the choice of the right system.

30 Nov 2021