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DeiC hosted a successful TIIME Unconference

DeiC hosted the TIIME Unconference 2024, which offered a different and well-executed unconference format focusing on Trust and Identity.
05/03/2024 14:03
TIIME unconference

In January 2024, the former municipal hospital in central Copenhagen (now KU) provided the setting for the 4-day long Trust and Internet Identity Meeting Europe (TIIME) Unconference. Around 150 people participated in the event, organized by DeiC in collaboration with Géant, SURF, and DAASI, with support from the University of Copenhagen.


WAYF (Where Are You From) serves as a link between research institutions and external services, allowing users to reuse their username and password from their institution to access services not operated by the institution itself.

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TIIME serves as a platform that promotes collaboration among groups working on various aspects of transorganizational trust and identity issues. DeiC participates under the auspices of the WAYF service - the identity federation for research and education in Denmark, operated by Forskningsnettet. At TIIME, a wide range of topics were discussed that are central to DeiC's work with WAYF in the coming years. This year, OIDC federations and Digital Wallets were central topics in many discussions, partly due to various initiatives from the EU Commission. Other topics were also discussed, such as how changes in browsers regarding e.g. cookies can impact web single sign-on, and how identity federations and SSH certificates can be used to manage access to various facilities. All notes from the approximately 32 workshops are now available on the website.

The event was organized as an unconference, which, unlike conventional conferences, is characterized by a very firm structure but with spontaneous topic selection driven by the participants. This approach allowed for deeper interaction and collaboration, reinforced by the informal atmosphere that promoted networking.

TIIME unconference collage

Collage of images from the TIIME Unconference 204..

"The format of TIIME, an informal conference, is very fruitful because the discussions, which you normally have during sessions, formed the core of the conference. But it requires two things: good choreography or organization in setting the agenda for the sessions - and for that, we had great help from Heather Flanagan, as well as good and motivated participants. There was a lot of emphasis on OIDCFed and digital wallets this year, but there were many good discussions," says Tangui Coulouarn, project manager in advanced services.

The conference will be held in different countries in the coming years.

Read more about the conference and its notes here.