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Forskningsnettet was the first national research network to offer IPv6.

IPv6 is implemented in Forskningsnettet production network, so that IPv6 and IPv4 run side by side in the backbone and in its connection to NORDUnet.

There are also established a number of IPv6 peerings with other Danish internet providers through the DIX (Danish Internet Exchange).

Institutions connected to Forskningsnettet are generally assigned a pool of IPv6 adresses - a /48 (280 addresses).

Questions about IPv6 can be mailed to Forskningsnettet NOC  -

Useful addresses

Name service Forskningsnettet offers a name service at 2001:878:0:100::2

NTP Forskningsnettet offers an NTP service at 2001:878:0:100::2

IPv6 project

Forskningsnettet began offering IPv6 in the production network already in 1998 as the first research network in the world. Since then Forskningsnettet has offered access to IPv6 to the connected institutions. But interest has first really shown in the recent years.

30 Nov 2021