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DM Advisory Forum

The DM Advisory Forum has been established as an advisory body in DeiC, which will increase dialogue and user involvement in the development of digital infrastructure.

DM Advisory Forum has been established by DeiC's board to ensure dialogue and involvement of the universities in the development of a national storage and infrastructure landscape to support data management.

The DM Advisory Forum should give advice to stimulate and strengthen the development of joint national services and activities in the field of data management based on the principle that investments in digital infrastructure for research and education must be coordinated, utilized and operated efficiently.

In addition, the members must contribute to creating greater coherence between international development and Danish activities at local and national level.

You can read the terms of reference here (Danish only).

Minutes of meetings:

DeiC's board appoints up to two people from each university on the recommendation of the university. The chairman is elected from among the members. From December 2023 the chairman is per Møldrup-Dalum. Members can serve on the Data Management Advisory Forum for up to 8 years.

The members in the period 2023 to 2025 are the following:
Institution Technical key person for the implementation of data services Person from research support units / data stewards, data managers or similar
Aalborg University Rainer Bohm Carina Ollerup Christensen
Aarhus University Per Møldrup-Dalum Birte Christensen-Dalsgaard
University of Southern Denmark Anne Gerdes Evgenios Vlachos
RUC   Sacha Zurcher
CBS Mathias Boy Holst Mareike Buss
ITU Jens Hybschmann  
University of Copenhagen Jonas Rank Møller Lene Offersgaard
DTU Michael Rasmussen Katrine Flindt Holmstrand
DeiC contacts Anne Sofie Fink Sandra Boerman
25 Jun 2024