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Photos and logo for media use

Graphics for free editorial use.

These images may be used freely for editorial purposes, provided that the source is mentioned as "Photo: DeiC".

Click on an image to download a high-resolution version suitable for printing.

Photos of DeiC management

Gitte Kudsk
Foto: Pernille Bille Tvedt

CEO Gitte Kudsk

JPEG, 3543 x 2357

Anders Sparre Conrad
Foto: DeiC

Head of Data Management Anders Sparre Conrad

JPEG, 600 x 782

Henrik Larsen
Foto: DeiC

Head of DKCERT and WAYF Henrik Larsen

JPEG, 2268 x 3892


Lysledere, der indgår i forskningsnettet
Foto: DeiC

Fibre-optic cables for the Danish research network

JPEG, 4710 x 2784

DeiC Nationale HPC Center, SDU supercomputeren Abacus 2.0 JPEG
Foto: DeiC

DeiC National HPC Center, SDU The supercomputer Abacus 2.0

JPEG, 3264 x 2448

DeIC Nationale LifeScience Supercomputer, DTU supercomputeren Computerome, DTU Risø Campus JPEG
Foto: DeiC

DeiC National LifeScience Supercomputer, DTU The supercomputer Computerome at DTU Risø Campus

JPEG, 4913 x 3155


DeiC logo uden byline
Foto: DeiC

DeiC logo example without byline

PNG, 2012 x 753

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