Guestacces in Adobe Connect

Everybody may get access to a Connect meeting as a guest. Guests are persons who have not been set up with a Connect account, user name and password. As such, a guest can be any person you invite to a Connect meeting.

You invite a guest to a meeting by sending the URL for the meeting to the guest in an email, chat message, sms or similar (i.e. URL:  The guest chooses "Enter as a Guest" in the login window and writes his or her name before entering.

Example 1: get access to a meeting room as a guest via a Host

In a default meeting room setup, the Host is notified about guest entries in the upper right corner of the meeting room

Example 2: Around the clock access to a meeting room as a guest

A guest may log directly into an unprotected meeting room via this setting in Connect Manager: "Anyone who has the URL for the meeting can enter the room": Meetings > arbitrary meeting room > Edit Information > Access. The Host can setup a special meeting passcode to secure the meeting.

Next, a guest can get access to Presenter-tools via this setting in the meeting room:  "Autopromote Participants to Presenters": Meeting > Manage Access & Entry > Autopromote Participants to Presenters. But a guest can only become a Host via another Host in the meeting room.

Revised 14/03/16

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