Organisation and CAB structure

DeiC was established in 2012 with the purpose to support the development of eScience in Denmark.

DeiC is

  • A virtual organisation under the Ministry of Science and Higher Education/Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation. DeiC has no employees, We are employed in universities and research institutions. 
  • Founded as the result of an agreement between the /Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation nd the eight universities with the aim of strengthening national action and coordination in the area of e-infrastructure for research.
  • A cooperation with the universities and research institutions to jointly ensure and coordinate the necessary e-infrastructure for Danish research. Partners' needs and oppinions are important to ensure, that our activities can develop in the right direction.

It is DeiCs view that sustainable development of national e-infrastructure should be in cooperation and coordination with stakeholders, both users (researchers) and the IT administration, to support the development.
Therefore we have established an organization that supports both the virtual principle and the cooperation with our stakeholders.

The Board is appointed by the Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation after recommendation from Universities Denmark and the research councils.

Management Structure


Daily top management of DeiC. Members participate in Board meetings and meetings with the Chairman of the Board.  
Members are CEO Steen Pedersen, COO NREN Martin Bech, National Coordinator for HPC Kurt Gammelgaard Nielsen, COO Data Management Anders Sparre Conrad and Head of Secretariat Gitte Kudsk

COO Forum

Meets weekly to coordinate activities and share information between the main areas of DeiC.
Members are: CEO Steen Pedersen, COO NREN Martin Bech, National Coordinator for HPC Kurt Gammelgaard Nielsen, COO Data Management Anders Sparre Conrad, Head of Secretariat Gitte Kudsk, Head of eScience Center Lene Krøl Andersen, Data Management Secretariat by Rene Belsø, COO DeiC National HPC Center, SDU Claudio Pica, COO DeiC National LifeScience Supercomputer Peter Løngreen og COO DeiC Nationale Cultural Heritage Cluster, Det Kgl. Bibliotek Bjarne Andersen.

DeiC at DTU Executive Team

Meets weekly to coordinate and share information about the activities operated by employees at DTU, primarely activities related to network and servivces, as well as internal DTU information.
Members are:  CEO Steen Pedersen, COO NREN Martin Bech,Head of Secretariat Gitte Kudsk, Head of eScience Center Lene Krøl Andersen, Head of DKCERT and WAYF Henrik Larsen, Head of NOC Jan Ferré and Head of Data Center Ole Kjærgaard. 

Change Advisory Boards - Stakeholder Influence

We have established a number of Change Advisory Boards (CABs) with the purpose of guiding DeiC and the DeiC board on development issues. The Board may ask questions to the CABs, and the CABs can put forward proposals to the Board. 

The CABs includes boths researchers and technical persons, as well as representatives from the management level of the universities. The two large CABs; HPC CAB and Data Management CAB consists of subgroups, some of which are themselves CAB. 

Covers the HPC - High Performance Computing ares. Consists of two subgroups:

HPC TekRef (technical reference group) advices on the technical development of the national supercomputer centers, and is at the same time a forum for exchange of experience for system administrators at both local and national HPC centers. 

The eScience committee advices on the development in the computing area from the scientific view. The members are researchers from difference scientific areas from the eight universities.

The HPC Management CAB is closed. The main task of the group was to advice the DeiC Board about the future development of National HPC. This task is for the moment taken care of by a Strategy Group in the Agency for Science and Higher Education. 

Data Management CAB

Is structured in the same way as the HPC CAB including the cooperation with DEFF (Denmarks Electronic Research Library) on the area.

The National Forum for Research Data Management: The members represents the daily work at the universities and research institutions in the area. 

DM TekRef (Data Management Technical Reference group) gives advice on the technical development of e-infrastructure to the data management area.

The eScience Committee represents the researchers view in the data management area.

DM Management CAB represents the management level in the data management with representatives from the universities and the cultural storage institutions, the chairmen from the three other groups in the CAB, as well as representatives from DEFF and DeiC. 


Advices on the development of the WAYF service. Members are representatives from the stakeholders. 


Advices on the development of the DKCERT service. Members are representatives from the University CIO Forum and Net TekRef.

Net TekRef

The Technical Reference Group advices on the development of the research network and the relatede services. The group is also a place for the university network administrators to exchange experinces.