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Q-Access - Access to Quantum Computers

Access to quantum computers and various test and technology platforms for a quantum computer will provide Danish research institutions with the opportunity to test and use the new technology.

DeiC will work to provide Danish researchers with access to as many test and technology platforms for a quantum computer as possible.

DeiC participates in the LUMI-Q consortium under EuroHPC, which is working on establishing a quantum computer.

Find the terms of reference for the Q-Access working group here.

Members of the working group:

Chairperson: Dean Marianne Holmer (SDU)

  • AAU: Professor Torben Larsen
  • AU: Associate Professor Frank Jensen
  • AU: Associate Professor Lukas Esterle
  • SDU: Professor Jørgen Ellegaard Andersen
  • SDU: Associate Professor Antonio Rago
  • KU: Professor Stephan Sauer
  • KU: Associate Professor Albert Werner
  • DTU: Associate Professor Sven Karlsson
  • DTU: Professor Ulrik Lund Andersen
  • DTU: Senior Researcher Mikkel Heuck
  • DeiC: Head of HPC Eske Christiansen
  • DeiC: Project Leader Rune Gamborg Ørum
23 feb 2024