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DeiC Dataverse – Publish and Archive your Research Data

DeiC welcomes you to the introduction of the new national trusted digital repository (TDR). The University of Copenhagen is to implement and operate a new national repository called DeiC Dataverse, which gives all researchers in Denmark access to a secure option to publish and archive their research data.
26 aug 2022 - 13:00
26 aug 2022 - 14:30
Online via Zoom
DeiC and KU

After evaluating received expressions of interest from consortia of universities, DeiC's board has decided to enter into negotiations with the University of Copenhagen regarding the collaboration on the development and operation of a national trusted data repository called DeiC Dataverse.

We will discuss Dataverse in general and DeiC Dataverse in particular:

Time Webinar Program Speaker
13:00 (10 min.) 1. Welcome & Background Anders Sparre Conrad (DeiC)
13:10 (20 min.)

2. The Dataverse Project - an open source research data repository software:

  • Overview of the application
  • the global Dataverse community
Falco Hüser (The Royal Library)
13:30 (5 min.) PAUSE  
13:35 (25 min.)

3. Dataverse as Danish National Trusted Digital Repository (TDR)

  • Dataverse and the FAIR principles
  • Use cases (incl. ERDA/SIF)
  • Integration with university workflows
  • User administration and support
Falco Hüser (The Royal Library)
14:00 (25 min.)

4. Building a National Trusted Digital Repository (TDR)

  • Project organisation
  • Governance
  • Roadmap

Mikkel Ohm Søndergaard (The Royal Library)

14:25 (5 min.) 5. Round-off and welcome to the DeiC Conference 2022 Anders Sparre Conrad (DeiC)

14:30 (5 min.)

Webinar ends