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Troels Haugbølle

Associate Professor, Troels Haugbølle

Abstract: Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe (PRACE) offers HPC scientists and industry across Europe access to the largest supercomputers in Europe, based on a peer-review process, supporting excellence and innovation.

PRACE has currently three different access models: Tier-0 is the highest level for projects that require massive resources, Tier-1 are slightly smaller projects at national computer centers, and preparatory access are small projects aimed at modernising and preparing computer codes to run on large installations, and comes with few resources but abundant technical support. Calls are typically issued twice a year. In addition PRACE hosts excellent training courses and are currently testing access through data-management calls to longtime storage and sharing of scientific data.These are valuable resources available based on scientific excellence to researchers at Danish institutions through the Danish membership of the PRACE organisation. For well over a decade our group has had significantly more computational resources secured competitively at international installations than at the local centers in Denmark, which has had a lasting and positive effect on the science we have been able to pursue.

I will talk about our experience with access and use of international computing resources, and the importance of using international courses to train students at the masters and PhD level.


Troels Haugbølle is lektor in computational astrophysics at the Center for Star and Planet Formation, Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen. He has in many years been involved as a user and developer in high performance computing at both the national and international level. He is currently the vice-chair of the PRACE user group forum, which provides feedback from the HPC user community to PRACE.

14 dec 2015