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CodeRefinery Trainer in AI and GPU Computing at Aarhus University

Center for Humanities Computing, School of Culture and Society, Aarhus University, invites applications for a full-time position of CodeRefinery Trainer (AC-TAP) with responsibility for AI applications based at the Center for Humanities Computing at Aarhus University (CHCAA) and Danish e-Infrastructure Cooperation (DeiC) at Aarhus University.
21/02/2022 12:02

The position is co-financed with DeiC. The position is 30 hours to full-time and starts on 1 April 2022 or as soon as possible thereafter and ends on 31 December 2024.  The primary workplace will be at the School of Culture and Society, Jens Chr. Skousvej, 8000 Aarhus C.

The position

In a collaboration between Center for Humanities Computing at Aarhus University, Danish e-Infrastructure Cooperation, and CodeRefinery, the School for Culture and Society, Arts, is looking for a trainer to teach and support research applications of artificial intelligence in research environments in the Nordic countries. The position is based at Aarhus University - School of Culture and Society and will be associated with the Center for Humanities Computing Aarhus (CHCAA) and Danish e-Infrastructure Cooperation (DeiC). CHCAA is an eScience unit located at the Faculty of Arts and DeIC is the collaboration with and between the Danish universities on national digital research infrastructure.

Coderefinery is an infrastructure program under NeiC. CodeRefinery acts as a hub for FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable) software practices. It currently focuses on the Nordic/Baltic countries but aims to expand beyond this region. CodeRefinery aims to operate as a community project with support from academic organizations.

Read much more about the position at AU's website here.