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DeiC konference 2024


Kvantecomputer hvid baggrund
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19 Feb 2024
DeiC participates in a European project on quantum communication
Broad Danish involvement collaborates to establish a quantum network between Lyngby, Copenhagen, and Odense over the next 2.5 years.
12 Feb 2024
New Web Interface for LUMI
Easier access to LUMI through your browser marks the beginning of a user-driven development where more and more apps will enhance both utilization and user experience.
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12 Feb 2024
First call this year for compute time on the national HPC facilities opens January 12, 2024
If you are a researcher or Ph.D. student at a Danish university, you can now apply for access to compute time on the national HPC facilities, including the Danish part of EuroHPC LUMI. The call is open to all research areas.
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12 Feb 2024
Quantum Call for researchers at Danish Universities
Pre-call - DeiC now offers universities the opportunity to apply for fully funded PhD and Postdoc positions in the field of quantum algorithms and quantum software.
Deltagere i EuroCC2 event for virksomheder
08 Feb 2024
DeiC unleashes AI
HPC infrastructure and expertise from the university sector are to be leveraged among Danish companies. That is the purpose of the EuroCC2 project, which on January 30th invited local companies to the inspiration seminar "Unleash AI".
LUMI wolf
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10 Jan 2024
DeiC representation in the EuroHPC LUMI consortium
The appointment of DeiC board member Brian Vinter from AU and DeiC HPC Manager Eske Christiansen in central positions strengthens DeiC's role in the EuroHPC LUMI consortium.
DeiC konference 2023
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20 Nov 2023
Thank you for participating in the DeiC Conference 2023!
A big thank you to participants, speakers, and sponsors who contributed to making this year's DeiC Conference a success!
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09 Oct 2023
The new board of directors in DeiC
DeiC's board is in place after the new announcement of 1.7.23.
Papirudklip af mænd i grå og hvid på grøn baggrund
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05 Oct 2023
New Project manager for EuroCC2
As a new project manager, Marta Schulze will play a central role in the EuroCC2 project and ensure strong outreach and coordination of the project.
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20 Sep 2023
Cotainr tool should make it easier to use LUMI's superpowers for research
DeiC's HPC team has developed a container software tool that initially aims to make it more accessible for those running AI/ML in Python to use the LUMI supercomputer.
Man working on cloud server
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04 Jul 2023
The second call for resources on the national HPC facilities is now open
If you are a researcher or a PhD student at a Danish university, now you can apply for access to the resources at the national HPC facilities including the Danish part of EuroHPC LUMI. The call is open to all research areas.
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27 Jan 2023
“The Data Deluge” - Insights from Extreme Scale HPC Workshop with Oak Ridge National Laboratory
On September 20th, 2022, DeiC and ITU hosted a 1-day workshop in Copenhagen in the EuroCC project to explore new ways of working with very large amounts of data in modern research. Our guests from Oak Ridge National Laboratory discussed their vision for how to collaborate on open-source software, such as the Adaptable I/O System (ADIOS), to cope with this challenge.

Use cases

Jakob Bæk Kristensen - Deic
Foto: DeiC
04 Jan 2024
Video use case: How to analyze 919 million SoMe posts
By using HPC resources researcher Jakob Bæk Kristensen and his group investigates how alternative news are shared and spread on social media across Europe.
Adela - deic conference
Foto: DeiC
03 Jan 2024
Video use case: DeiC Interactive strengthens teaching in digital methods
Historian Adela Subotkova teaches history students at the University of Aarhus in digital methods. For her, DeiC Interactive has become an essential tool that has significantly facilitated and improved teaching.
Kristian Sommer Thygesen - DeiC
Foto: DeiC
18 Dec 2023
Video use case: Unleashing the power of LUMI
In 2023 a LUMI grand challenge allowed Professor of Theoretical physics Kristian Sommer Thygesen and his team to calculate the electronic structure of 10.000 materials.
Rebeka Baglini
11 Dec 2023
Supercomputing drives deeper insight into Linguistics and social media
DeiC Interactive HPC has become an integral part of both research and teaching for Associate Professor in Linguistics Rebekah Baglini at Aarhus University’s Interacting Minds Centre.
Rolf Lyneborg Lund
Foto: DeiC
06 Dec 2023
Video use case: HPC enlightens researchers in social sciences and humanities about human behavior.
Sociologist Rolf Lyneborg Lund has trained an image AI using DeiCInteractive, which can help us understand how people perceive the concepts of "good" and "bad" neighborhoods.
Rob van der Groot
Foto: DeiC
06 Dec 2023
Video use case: HPC-powered tool turbocharges NLP learning
Using a new tool called MaChAmp, researchers from the IT University can train language models on multiple datasets and solve multiple types of NLP tasks simultaneously.