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NeIC (Nordic e-Infrastructure Collaboration)

NeIC is a Nordic organization developing and operating e-infrastructure solutions.
NEIC logo
Foto: NEIC

NeIC (Nordic e-Infrastructure Collaboration) develops and operates in e-infrastructure solutions in areas of common Nordic interest. NeIC is a distributed organization comprised of technical experts from high performance computing centers within the Nordic countries.

The collaboration began in 2003. Since 2012 NeIC has been a part of NordForsk, a research organization under the Nordic Council of Ministers.

DeiC is involved in a number of projects and activities within NeIC, including:

  • Glenna - cloud collaboration for Nordic researchers
  • Pool Competencies SG
  • Share Resources SG
  • Tryggve - securing sensitive personal information
  • Nordic Cloud Collaboration Planning group
  • Collaborative Infrastructure for Scientific Software Collaboration – SG

DeiC CEO Steen Pedersen is on the board of NeIC.

01 Dec 2021