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DeiC Dataverse – Information for Front Offices/local support

19 Jan 2023 - 13:00
19 Jan 2023 - 14:30
Online via Zoom

Establishment of a trusted digital repository as DeiC Dataverse is in process. With this webinar we will set of preparation for the Front Offices and the local support for running the DeiC Dataverse. The webinar is targeted Front Offices and research support staff involved in the support for DeiC Dataverse.

We hope to have plenty of time for questions and answers in the session. We plan to record the webinar.


  1. Welcome and presentation of program and format (DeiC)
  2. Presentation of DeiC Dataverse  (University of Copenhagen (KU)/Copenhagen University Library (KUB))
  3. Back Office support (KU/KUB)
  4. Introduction of task and responsibilities for local support/Front Offices (KU/KUB)
  5. Plan for support and training for local support/Front Offices (KU/KUB)
  6. Timeplan for establishment (KU/KUB)  
  7. Wrap up and next steps (KU/KUB & DeiC)