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Use cases

04 Jan 2024
Video use case: How to analyze 919 million SoMe posts
By using HPC resources researcher Jakob Bæk Kristensen and his group investigates how alternative news are shared and spread on social media across Europe.
03 Jan 2024
Video use case: DeiC Interactive strengthens teaching in digital methods
Historian Adela Subotkova teaches history students at the University of Aarhus in digital methods. For her, DeiC Interactive has become an essential tool that has significantly facilitated and improved teaching.
18 Dec 2023
Video use case: Unleashing the power of LUMI
In 2023 a LUMI grand challenge allowed Professor of Theoretical physics Kristian Sommer Thygesen and his team to calculate the electronic structure of 10.000 materials.
11 Dec 2023
Supercomputing drives deeper insight into Linguistics and social media
DeiC Interactive HPC has become an integral part of both research and teaching for Associate Professor in Linguistics Rebekah Baglini at Aarhus University’s Interacting Minds Centre.
06 Dec 2023
Video use case: HPC enlightens researchers in social sciences and humanities about human behavior.
Sociologist Rolf Lyneborg Lund has trained an image AI using DeiCInteractive, which can help us understand how people perceive the concepts of "good" and "bad" neighborhoods.
06 Dec 2023
Video use case: HPC-powered tool turbocharges NLP learning
Using a new tool called MaChAmp, researchers from the IT University can train language models on multiple datasets and solve multiple types of NLP tasks simultaneously.
06 Dec 2023
Video use case: Size matters when it comes to NLP

HPC accelerates the development within Natural Language Processing (NLP) by enabling faster and more efficient processing of large datasets, complex algorithms, and training of large models.
06 Dec 2023
Video use case: HPC accelerates research in elementary particle physics

Physicist Antonio Rago uses HPC to perform complex simulations that shed light on the interactions between the fundamental building blocks of the universe.
05 Dec 2023
LUMI at full capacity helps research into new materials for solar cells, catalysts and quantum technology
LUMI Grand Challenge – Professor of Theoretical Physics, Kristian Sommer Thygesen and his development team at DTU went all-in to utilise the full capacity of the LUMI supercomputer.
07 Sep 2023
Creating a Grundtvig-artificial intelligence using DeiC Interactive HPC
Katrine Frøkjær Baunvig, head of the Grundtvig Center at Aarhus University has used the DeiC Interactive HPC to create an artificial intelligence of Grundtvig.