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Supercomputing (HPC)
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DeiC konference 2024


09 Jul 2024
Evaluate the FAIRness of Your Social Science Datasets with F-UJI
The evaluation tool F-UJI has been updated with specialized metrics that cater to the needs of various disciplines.
DeiC konferencen 2023
Foto: Hjortlund Medier
08 Jul 2024
DeiC Unveils the First Speakers for This Year’s Conference
We are now able to present the first speakers within the security field for the DeiC Conference 2024. Additionally, you can meet the person who is leading this year’s conference.
Gitte og Anne Sofie EOSC
Gitte Kudsk
05 Jul 2024
Highligts from EOSC Association General Assembly
At the EOSC Association's 8th General Assembly in Leuven, DeiC formally acceded as a mandated organization. A central topic of the meeting was the presentation of the upcoming EOSC EU Node.
People blue
Foto: iStock
04 Jul 2024
Quantum Computing Infrastructure Developer with possibility for part time research
Are you interested in quantum computing? Do you wish to play a pivotal role in advancing research in many different areas from all Danish researchers, for the benefit of society through Quantum computing?
SUBMERSe under water
Foto: iStock
13 Jun 2024
SUBMERSE Project Advances Data Management with Dynamic Planning
To manage a complex data flow, the SUBMERSE project employs an iterative approach to FAIRification and Data Management Plan creation, evolving with their growing understanding of the data and its dynamics.
DeiC konference 2023
Foto: Hjortlund Medier
05 Jun 2024
Registration for the DeiC Conference 2024 is open
Read more about this year's conference theme and register now.

Use cases

Jakob Bæk Kristensen - Deic
Foto: DeiC
04 Jan 2024
Video use case: How to analyze 919 million SoMe posts
By using HPC resources researcher Jakob Bæk Kristensen and his group investigates how alternative news are shared and spread on social media across Europe.
Adela - deic conference
Foto: DeiC
03 Jan 2024
Video use case: DeiC Interactive strengthens teaching in digital methods
Historian Adela Subotkova teaches history students at the University of Aarhus in digital methods. For her, DeiC Interactive has become an essential tool that has significantly facilitated and improved teaching.
Kristian Sommer Thygesen - DeiC
Foto: DeiC
18 Dec 2023
Video use case: Unleashing the power of LUMI
In 2023 a LUMI grand challenge allowed Professor of Theoretical physics Kristian Sommer Thygesen and his team to calculate the electronic structure of 10.000 materials.
Rebeka Baglini
11 Dec 2023
Supercomputing drives deeper insight into Linguistics and social media
DeiC Interactive HPC has become an integral part of both research and teaching for Associate Professor in Linguistics Rebekah Baglini at Aarhus University’s Interacting Minds Centre.
Rolf Lyneborg Lund
Foto: DeiC
06 Dec 2023
Video use case: HPC enlightens researchers in social sciences and humanities about human behavior.
Sociologist Rolf Lyneborg Lund has trained an image AI using DeiCInteractive, which can help us understand how people perceive the concepts of "good" and "bad" neighborhoods.
Rob van der Groot
Foto: DeiC
06 Dec 2023
Video use case: HPC-powered tool turbocharges NLP learning
Using a new tool called MaChAmp, researchers from the IT University can train language models on multiple datasets and solve multiple types of NLP tasks simultaneously.


Nordic Industry Days: Supercomputing, the gateway to AI
We are thrilled to announce the upcoming Nordic Industry Days, taking place on 2-3 September 2024 in the city of Copenhagen. This event is a unique opportunity for industry professionals and high-tech startups to explore the latest developments in High-Performance Computing (HPC), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Quantum Computing in the Nordic region.