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EuroCC succesfully through review

The EuroCC project just passed the first-year mark, which also means the project is halfway.
Thu, 10/28/2021 - 14:15
Photo: EuroCC

Therefor it was time for the big EU review this month. A review that has been planned and prepared for in a long time. All 33 countries participated, and four reviewers went through the entire project over the course of three days.

"The review went as expected. Some things are very much on track, while other areas are lacking behind. Also there was of course a great difference in how the different countries address the task," says Head of HPC at DeiC and project coordinator for the EuroCC project in Denmark, Eske Christiansen.

"The review also showed new places to collaborate across Europe as pointed out by the reviewers," he elaborates.

Each National Competence Center (NCC) gave a short presentation, as did also the CASTIEL projects, which coordinates the networking activities between the NCCs in HPC-related topics, that were represented by their four working groups.

The project participants will now make sure to use all the feedback, and the reviewers will also write a formal review report, that the project participants will then have to implement.