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NeIC Conference 2022

The NeIC conferences are organised biannually and the title of the 2022 conference is "Nordic Models for Open Science Collaboration".
30 May 2022 - 07:00
01 Jun 2022 - 16:00
Soria Moria Hotel, Oslo, Norway

The NeIC Conference brings together around 200 experts, researchers, policy makers, funders and national e-infrastructure providers from the Nordics and beyond. The aim is to provide opportunities for people in the e-infrastructure field to connect and collaborate with colleagues across the Nordics and to enable them to share knowledge and expertise.

The NeIC 2022 Conference title is "Nordic Models for Open Science Collaboration". It will also be a celebration of NeIC's 10-year anniversary and an opportunity to connect after a long era of video conferences and online-only meetings.

You can read more at the conference's own website.

The registration to the NeIC 2022 Conference is open and will go on until the end of February via this link.