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A new DeiC in 2021

During 2021, the DeiC organization will be adapted to carry out the tasks and responsibilities that are included in being the national collaboration on digital research infrastructure.
Gitte Kudsk
Mon, 01/04/2021 - 13:14
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The new DeiC's mission is to build and coordinate the use of the national digital research infrastructure and the international cooperation on e-Infrastructures, as well as ensure an increased national level of knowledge and application in the field, as a collaboration between the universities.

DeiC will no longer be responsible for the operation and technical development of the infrastructure services, but will ensure a nationally coordinated development and resource utilization in the area, in the context of international development.

The changes take place as part of the implementation of strategy for national cooperation on digital research infrastructure.

2021 will be a year of preparation

The intention is that DeiC in the beginning of 2022 will be established as a self-governing institution by law. Until then, DeiC will continue to be a virtual organization under the Danish Agency for Education and Research, with the administrative operations handled by DTU, where all employees will continue to be employed.

The general manager of DeiC and responsible to the board is director Gitte Kudsk. A management team is set up consisting of the director, the head of the HPC area, Eske Christiansen, Anders Sparre Conrad as head of the data management area, and Martin Bech as head of research networks, security and services in DeiC.

During 2021, work will be done to make DeiC ready to be an independent organization, by separating finances and common functions from the previous organization at DTU. In this process, it is clarified which functions will be included in the new DeiC organization and which will remain part of DTU's organization when the necessary legislative work has been completed.

The progress of the establishment of the new organization and the establishment of the national infrastructure landscape will be announced on an ongoing basis in 2021.