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New Web Interface for LUMI

Easier access to LUMI through your browser marks the beginning of a user-driven development where more and more apps will enhance both utilization and user experience.
12/02/2024 09:02

Making it easier to use the LUMI supercomputer means more users can come on board. Therefore, you can now access LUMI via a newly developed, browser-based web interface similar to DeiC Interactive HPC. With the new interface, you can access and use interactive apps through your browser, such as a Linux-based desktop environment, a Jupyter environment for Python and Julia and Tensorboard for AI. The ambition is to continuously add new apps to reflect users' needs.

LUMI interface

Screenshot of LUMI's new web interface.

Data visualisation on LUMI becomes easier 

In addition to making it easier to get started using LUMI, it also becomes easier to use visualization tools like Paraview, making data analysis itself simpler. If you, as a user, have run some large jobs on LUMI and therefore have a lot of data, you no longer need to move data from LUMI to a local computer to analyze it. With the new web interface, where you can view data in your browser via the available apps, you will save trouble and time by quickly getting an overview of your data.

LUMI paraview

Paraview visualization tool in use in LUM'Is web interface.

User-driven development

The key is that we will develop what the users want while allowing users to develop their own apps.

"The web interface is the beginning of a development process where we will continuously improve and add apps so that more and more is preconfigured for the user," says René Løwe, system developer at DeiC and responsible for the development of the LUMI web interface under LUMI-LUST.

We would greatly appreciate feedback from users, for example, during our LUMI Coffee breaks. It is also possible to provide feedback through a LUST contact form in the LUMI ticket system.

The LUMI web interface is based on OpenOnDemand, and if you have developed an app for LUMI, the LUMI-LUST team would be happy to ensure that it goes online. Send an email to


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