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Organisation and reference groups

DeiC coordinates the nationale digital research infrastructure in collaboration with and as an umbrella-organisation for the Danish universities.

As a result of a new strategy for the national collaboration on digital research infrastructure, the DeiC organisation is changing to support the recommendations in the strategy. 

In 2022 DeiC is

  • A virtual organisation under the Ministry of Science and Higher Education/Danish Agency for Science and Higher Education. DeiC has no employees, We are employed in universities and research institutions. 
  • Founded as the result of an agreement between the Danish Agency for Science and Higher Education and the eight universities with the aim of strengthening national action and coordination in the area of e-infrastructure for research.
  • A cooperation with the universities and research institutions to jointly ensure and coordinate the necessary e-infrastructure for Danish research. Partners' needs and oppinions are important to ensure, that our activities can develop in the right direction.

DeiC Board

The Board is appointed by the Danish Agency for Science and Higher Education after recommendation from Universities Denmark and consists of one person at management level from each of the eight universities. 


Organisational diagram 2023
Photo: DeiC

Management Structure

The Management Team

The general manager of DeiC and responsible to the Board is CEO Gitte Kudsk. In addition to the CEO the management team consists of the head of the HPC+ Eske Christiansen, Head of data management Anne Sofie Fink Kjeldgaard, and Head of Quantum Area Henrik Navntoft Sønderskov.. 

DeiC coordinates the delivery of the digital research infrastructure provided by the universities.

 DeiC Forskningsnettet is operated by DTU. DeiC Forskningsnettet is considered a "subsidiary" to DeiC, and DeiC's board is responsible for finances and service portfolio. Head of Forskningnettet Martin Bech reports to DeiC's CEO for the included activities.

The delivery of other infrastructure services from the universities is regulated through agreements. 

Forum for Project and International Activities

A meeting every second week with reprensentatives from the Management Team and representatives from international representation and strategic projects and activities. to coordinate and share information. 

Reference Groups

A new structure for the reference groups are being implemented in the Fall of 2020 with the purpose of strengthening the dialogue with the universities and the users of the digital research infrastructure.

The members of the reference groups will be appointed by the universities and will start their work as they are established. 

The referencegruops are divided according to the time aim of their activities.

  Research Network HPC and Storage Datamanagement
Operations Net back office HPC back office DM back office
    Access Committee  
1-3 year aim Net Forum HPC Forum DM Advisory Forum
  Security Coordination  Forum    
  International Coordination    
Vision Science forum    
Communities Net TekRef HPC TekRef  
16 May 2024