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Projects that has been granted compute time in the past

This is a list of the projects that have been granted computational time at the national HPC facilities via the first call from DeiC for resources.
Principal Investigator University Project name
Aurélien Vadrot AU LES wall modeling of non-equilibrium turbulent flows using unsupervised machine learning
Bastian Schulz AU Marriage and Divorce under Labor Market Uncertainty
Birgit Schiøtt AU Multiscale models of the human blood-brain barrier to tackle antibiotic resistance (GlycoBrain)
Birgit Schiøtt AU Plant transporters: mechanism of action through the eyes of simulation
Christopher John Topping AU HPC platform for Animal, Landscape and Man Simulation System (ALMaSS)
Claes Eskilsson AAU High-Fidelity Simulations of Marine Renewables
Cumhur Erkut AAU KuraHPC: Performance evaluation of HPC systems by and for Kuramoto Models
David Carrasco de Busturia DTU Multiscale QM/MM Simulations of Channelrhodopsin-2
Erik Donvan Hedegaard SDU Computatinal design of light-activated therapy
Ernst Stefan Seemann KU Bacterial-wide search for conserved structures of ribonucleic acids
Himanshu Khandelia SDU HYBRID: Mechanism of K+ import by a unique pump-channel hybrid
Jacob Andersen AAU Hydrodynamic Modelling of Flat Plates
Jan Stuckatz CBS Money in Politics at Work: A Population-level Analysis of Employee Campaign Donations
Jógvan Magnus Haugaard Olsen DTU Computational Exploration of Photoreceptor Proteins
Johan Rønby Pedersen RUC Direct Numerical Simulations of Interfacial Flows
Mads Albertsen AAU From days to hours: Development of Nanopore metagenomic DNA-sequencing for bloodstream infection diagnostics
Mads Albertsen AAU Metagenomic Strain Variant Calling Using Nanopore Long Reads And Deep Learning
Mahdi Abkar AU Data-Driven RANS Modelling and Prediction of Turbulence Flow
Mahdi Abkar AU Robust optimisation of ultrasonic flow meters using computational fluid dynamics with uncertainty quantification
Navid Zehtabiyan-Rezaie AU A progressive approach in development of extrapolative data-driven models for wind-farm power prediction
Ove Christiansen AU Dynamics of and on molecular clusters and aerosols
Pourya Forooghi AU Modeling of transport phenomena in water electrolysers
Riyajul Islam AU COMPASS
Sonia Coriani DTU (Multilevel) Coupled Cluster Studies of Molecular Properties and Spectra Across Different Frequency Ranges and in Different Environments
Stefano Roncelli KU CRISPRnet: Deep learning and data-driven CRISPR design for network-based multiplexed targeting
Principal Investigator University Project name
Angel Vara Vela AU Validation of the Danish methane emission
Casper Schousboe Andreasen DTU Giga scale optimization of heat sinks
Casper Steinmann AAU Optical Properties of Cyclodextrin Guest Inclusion Complexes
Christopher John Topping AU HPC platform for Animal, Landscape and Man Simulation System (ALMaSS)
Derya Aytan-Aktug DTU Tracking metagenomic samples under antibiotic stress
Erik Donovan Hedegård SDU Computational design of light-activated therapy
Himanshu Khandelia SDU PUMPS: Mechanism of proton transport in the gastric proton atpase
Jan Gorodkin KU Enhanced user-based CRISPR/Cas9 gRNA design from precomputed off-targets
Jørgen Bendtsen KU Regional 3D-ocean simulations of carbon cycling and the marine CO2-uptake
Kenneth Enevoldsen AU Danish Foundation Models
Kurt V. Mikkelsen KU Exploitation of Solar Energy by Cluster Perturbation Methods
Lasse Hansen AU Danish Speech Models
Mahdi Abkar AU Accurate and Generalizable Data-driven Models for Wind-farm Flow Modeling
Marina Charquero Ballester AU Insights from the NORdic observatory for digital media and information DISorder (NORDIS)
Morten Mattrup Smedskjær AAU Water in disordered materials: friend or foe?
Ove Christiansen AU Hydrogen bond dynamics of atmospheric molecular clusters
Peter Langen AU Greenhouse Gas Fluxes and Earth System Feedbacks
Piotr de Silva DTU Electronic structure calculations of molecules with inverted singlet-triplet gaps
Roberto Schimmenti DTU Untitled
Thomas Olsen DTU Spin spirals of 2D materials
Ulas Im AU Untitled
Yuanyuan Zhou DTU Predicting Surface Phase Diagram in Realistic Atmosphere
12 Jan 2023