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ServiceInfo notifies users of a service about operating status and other service information.

Most of the services from DeiC inform users about the operating status through the The users of the services can themselves choose which services they want to receive information about.

The messages can be received via e-mail, SMS and/or as calendar messages, and include "Out of service", "Planned changes", "Solved problems", "General information". This way the user can easily secure the right, relevant information about services at the right time and in the right format.

ServiceInfo abonnement
Foto: DeiC

In addition to DeiC, other service providers can also inform their users via ServiceInfo. Thereby e.g. the university's users can only register in one place to get information about all the services they use, and they can be sure of being notified even when the university's own services may be affected by downtime. 

An institution that uses ServiceInfo to send messages to its own users can use ServiceInfo's API to embed messages on its own web pages. In this way, institutions can easily adapt and direct relevant information to users on certain entry pages.

A list of "Out of service" messages, for example, can listed in an attention field on the pages of an intranet, or messages for "Planned changes" can be embedded in a general calendar for the institution. Or a customised overview of all messages can be displayed on an information board in the appropriate locations at the institution. 

Access to ServiceInfo

  • WAYF login is possible for those user organisations, we specifically provide access to. (List of user organisations can be seen on the logon page:
  • If you do not have access via WAYF, you can request access via what we call a DeiC logon. (See here:
  • For each service provider, a local administrator can approve users, who request a DeiC login
20 Dec 2023