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Roskilde University


Katrine Baunvig
Foto: Katrine Baunvig,
07 Sep 2023
Creating a Grundtvig-artificial intelligence using DeiC Interactive HPC
Katrine Frøkjær Baunvig, head of the Grundtvig Center at Aarhus University has used the DeiC Interactive HPC to create an artificial intelligence of Grundtvig.
LUMI Søvnforskning
Foto: Kaare Mikkelsen
09 Jun 2023
Big Sleep Data: LUMI Supercomputer Trains Neural Networks for Sleep Research
Two graduate students at Aarhus University in Denmark have contributed to international research by developing tools for training neural networks on LUMI.
Wind turbines
Photo: Colourbox
11 Feb 2022
World-class wind energy research builds upon supercomputing
High performance supercomputing has been essential for four scientists doing research in Meteorology, Climate and Wind Energy studies.
Photo: Fade Creative
09 Feb 2022
EOSC-Nordic with successful LUMI access
EOSC-Nordic does calculations on the new pre-exascale supercomputer, LUMI, through one of the chosen Norwegian pilot projects for the new HPC system in Finland.
Extract from a simulation of the tumour suppressor gene p53 in complex with DNA using DeiC Throughput HPC
Extract from a simulation of the tumour suppressor gene p53 in complex with DNA using DeiC Throughput HPC. Photo: Matteo Lambrughi.
17 Dec 2021
Supercomputing was a game changer for Danish Cancer Society Research Center
A group of researchers started from scratch 10 years ago using computational biology. Now, both local high performance computing, national HPC and international HPC have been used in order to explore new areas of cancer research at Danish Cancer Society Research Center.
Photo: Marko Vasara
12 Oct 2021
LUMI will help uncover new ground in quantum chemistry
One of the very first projects to ever run on LUMI will be a Danish project exploring the boundaries in quantum chemistry. In such a groundbreaking trial run, everything can fail and everything can succeed.